Car Park Ventilation Fan Monitoring & Control Systems. 

  • CO/NO2 car park Monitoring / Ventilation fan control (Save Energy For Next Generation) 

  • Enhanced CO gas Radicals detection for Very Early Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems 

CO Gas Sensors / Transmitters ( CO and CO + Enhanced gas radicals with Early Fire and Smoke Detection) 

  • Measuring Range : 0-300PPM (also available in 0-200 PPM, 500 PPM). 

  • Digital measurement value processing incl. temperature compensation. 

  • Low zero point drift, minimal false alarms 

  • Long sensor life time with regular maintenance 

  • Hardware & software according to SIL2 compliant development process 

  • 4 – 20 mA (or 2-10 V) analog output 

  • Special mode, fault etc. 

  • Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit protected 

  •  Available in IP 65, 54 and 44 polycarbonate glass fibre reinforced acc. EN 60529/DIN VDE0470-1 

  • Impact resistant for tough industrial environments IK08 acc. DIN EN 5012/ VDE 0470 

  • Fire retardant 5VA nach UL 50/ UL 746C, V-2 acc. UL 94, 960o C acc. VDE 0471 / EN 6069 


 Also Available for Gas Types: 

  • Carbon Monoxide ( CO) / Nitrogen Dioxide ( NO2) 

  • Refrigerants like; R134a, R410a, R123, CO2, Ammonia etc. 

  • Explosive Gases like; Methane, Propane, LPG, Hydrogen, LNG & CNG etc. 

  • Coal Seam Methane Gas, VEFSA ( Very Early Fire Detection and Smoke Alarm for spontaneous combustion of coal 

  • IAQ (CO2 / VOC) for fresh air fan intake fan control