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Corporate Office AMC Services

Tired of contacting different vendors for different products! With massive technologies you get all your warranty services in just single point of contact.

What is an Annual Maintenance Contract?

AMC, also known as the Annual Maintenance Contract, is an agreement between a company and a service provider to maintain the company and its assets, based on some terms and conditions. It is a bridge that connects the buyers and the suppliers because it provides the maintenance service to the buyers for their valuable products either on a nominal charge or for free of charge, respectively.

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a source through which the provider and the user are in a secure domain. It offers secure maintenance services for all the IT facilities, software, and hardware equipment like printers, desktops, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and other devices.

In addition to this, it enables productivity and reliability. AMC meaning is a mutual contract that enables the maintenance of the equipment and efficient IT services. This makes the users and providers assured enough to focus on facilities and offers rather than maintaining the organizational assets. Both users and providers focus primarily on the work rather than the other substitutes, such as organising, maintaining, and securing the assets of the organisation or firm provided. This assures the providers and the users a secure environment, enhancing productivity and potency to a great extent.

What does AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) include?

Based on customer/organization need, most companies offer fundamental AMC's such as IT network report, status report, inventory management, resolution of inquiries, equipment management, system configuration, and many more.

AMC Services By Massive Technologies Includes - ​

  • Audio/Video Systems

  • Telephonic Systems

  • Laptop/Desktop Systems

  • PA Systems

  • Other IT Infra Systems

  • Printing Systems

  • UPS Systems

  • Access Control Device Systems

  • Fire/Gas Alarms Systems

  • Surveillance Systems

  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems



Choosing Massive Technologies as an Annual Maintenance Contract Service Provider


Annual Maintenance Service Contract (AMC) is a well-renowned and fundamental aspect that an organisation usually counts on. Many IT firms and organisations have provided a wide range of AMC services. However, Massive Technologies , a reputed and established IT organisation is known for providing the finest services and facilities that make it the best Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) provider because of the following reasons

PAN India Service available

Massive Technologies operates and provides skilled and exceptional AMC services in all the regions of PAN India and its users.

It provides all kinds of AMC services and facilities

Massive Technologies , an established IT firm in AMC, provides the foremost services. It covers all the aspects which come under the terms and conditions of Annual Maintenance Service.

Offering AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services at a reasonable rate and price

With Massive Technologies , the users can get all kinds of Annual Maintenance services at an affordable cost, irrespective of the prices available in the market.

Highly experienced and well-certified Technicians and Engineers

Massive Technologies consists of well-versed and authorised technicians who have provided AMC services for a long time. This increases accessibility, reliability, and productivity for both users and providers as the engineers can provide the solutions instantly, making the customers rely on them and trust them.

After-maintenance service and Guidance

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) maintains and supervises all the organisation's equipment. Massive Technologies , just like AMC, also provides the after-maintenance and maintenance of the equipment during its service. Apart from this, it also offers guidance and support when software or hardware is installed.

No breaching of Information

As AMC is an agreement that consists of confidential information, Massive Technologies while providing AMC services, makes sure that no private information or data has been used or breached for the unfair means.

Around the Year Consultation

Annual Maintenance Contract has a service around the year by expert technicians. Massive Technologies also provides a 24/7 online consultation to the users who face any difficulty accessing any AMC service. Whenever the users do not understand any aspect of an agreement, they are made to understand the terms and conditions written in an agreement by the expert team of professionals.

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