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Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Transmitter With Analog Output 


Product Summary:

The exchangeable sensor transmitter cartridge is used for continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect the presence of Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentrations in the range of 0-300ppm along with CO gas radicals for Very Early Fire and Smoke Detection, in accordance with the defined specifications.

The product’s standard linear 4-20mA analogue output may be connected to the Gas Alarm range of standalone and multi-channel gas controllers, or to any PLC, SCADA or DCS system for live monitoring, alarm generation, HVAC control or process parameter control. 



 Key Product Features: 

  • Fully sealed sensor cell with gas-specific gel electrolyte and hydrophobic filter. 

  •  High accuracy, selectivity and reliability with low calibration drift over time. 

  •  Long operational lifespan compared to solid state semiconductor sensors. 

  • Simplified maintenance via exchange of pre-calibrated sensor cartridges or easy on-site calibration. 

  • Power supply input is diode-protected against reverse voltage with anti-poisoning and over-flooding protection. 


 Typical Industries and Applications: 

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and highly toxic gas which is known as “the silent killer”. As such, the GAS-CO-300-X offers major benefits for personnel safety and asset protection in such applications as: 

  • Mining, materials handling and processing plants (e.g. spontaneous combustion and Very Early Fire and Smoke Detection monitoring in coal mines and related facilities). 

  •  Parking garages, tunnels, emergency shelters, loading docks and engine maintenance/test stations (e.g. CO monitoring for safety, ventilation fan control for energy and greenhouse emission savings). 

  • Heavy industry e.g. power generation, petrochemical processing, production facilities, laboratories. 

  • Many other applications where CO concentration must be monitored within strict limits. 

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